Christmas magic

"Mum, is it true?"
"What is true?"
"That Santa Claus doesn't exist?"

When my daughter came home one day, asking me about Santa Claus, I wasn't prepared at all. I believe that I answered yes and no. Just to buy me some time to explain what Christmas means, to me. Perhaps would it help her come to accept this, and yet still feel the joy that Christmas bring. If she would let it.

So I told her about the joyful man in the red and white suit, Santa Claus. And how he’s not only spreading joy everywhere he comes. But also the spirit of giving.

Then I reminded her about the joy of:

Family time.
The food.

The Christmas tree.
The gifts.
The overall magic that no one can explain, but we all can feel.

How to explain this to a child whose world just fell apart, finding out the big truth about Christmas is not easy to do. But here we are, years later, and together we're making another Christmas a magical moment to remember.

Merry Christmas!



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Serena Cornwall

Serena Cornwall

I am a mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt, and niece. I am a reader, writer, novelist, blogger, and more. I write/read Fantasy and occasionally other genres.