There is some things you need to know:

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash
  • You may think you know what pain is: you do not know what it is.
  • You may think that the world has gone under: it has not. Your life is just frequency changing.
  • You may feel confused and misunderstood, from time to time. Guess what? Get used to those feelings, or get crazy. Your choice.
  • Any plans you may have: will not happen. Just like always: You are going to pick an unexpected path because… why not?
  • No matter what: You will always land on your feet, even if you do not always believe it.
  • Giving birth is nothing like in the movies. But you will love the kids anyway. In fact they will mean more than anything else to you.
  • Some dreams are meant to stay dreams. While some dreams are yours to live.
  • You may think that the world has gone mad. Well, just wait and see… One day you will look back at this moment and think: Maybe it was not THAT bad.

Keep in mind: You have an interesting life ahead of you. If you dare to live it.

Enjoy the ride! [Serena]



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Serena Cornwall

Serena Cornwall

I am a mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt, and niece. I am a reader, writer, novelist, blogger, and more. I write/read Fantasy and occasionally other genres.