How to be anything but Yourself?

How to be professional?

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How to write professional!

How to be a professional reader!

How to be professional!

I see these kinds of posting like 10 times a day and I wonder How can it be so wrong to be me?

If we all have to be professional on every level then everything we do will look the same in the end. Is that what we want?
No diversity at all?

I am no professional. I am just doing “my thing”. My curious mind keep me going. Learning new things. Feeling the water here and there. What I learn I put together to fit me.

I’m a writer. A student of the unknown and I learn to live my life, one day at a time.

And I can only hope that that will be enough in this world of professionals.

Greetings Serena



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Serena Cornwall

Serena Cornwall

I am a mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt, and niece. I am a reader, writer, novelist, blogger, and more. I write/read Fantasy and occasionally other genres.