I am Serena

Serena Cornwall
2 min readJun 5, 2022


Hi I am Serena Cornwall

I have seen some personal author posts around here and thought to add one of my own.

I must warn you that I am very bad on describe myself to others, as well as describing my writing style. Because even though I am not in my twenties anymore, I still grow on other levels.

For instance: the way I write today is very different compared to my writing last year. And as a person, I feel that I am still learning. Maybe even faster than I did when I was younger.

When you are young, you tend to look around you and in hopes of belonging, you adapt yourself to the people around you. But at my age, I have come to the point of accepting who I am. So it is for others to either accept me or leave me alone.

About my writing. Well, my writing is somewhat all over the place. But I do tend to write about writing, family, animals, lessons I have learned in life, and thoughts on life.

I am a thinker and even though human behaviour fascinates me, it is not always I understand the reasons behind certain actions.

I am truly addicted to writing. If I have had a good day, a bad day, or something in between. I end up writing something about it. Besides blog posts, I also write novellas.

For the longest time, I have been writing fantasy novellas. But lately, it has been a lot of non-fiction as well. So the answer is yes: Anyone around me can somehow end up one way or another, in any of my stories.

Next to writing, I also have a love for reading. Right now I have a list of 60+ books that are waiting for my attention. And yet the list of books still on my wanted list, is so much longer.

I do prefer actual books. So my space is not by far big enough for all the books I would want to have.

For me, reading and writing go hand in hand. It is just as natural for me to read as to write. So occasionally I will post reviews of books I have read.

Besides my family, friends, and my writing/ reading addiction I am also on the spiritual path.

I work with pendulums and tarot/oracle cards. Candles and gemstones. This is a part of my lifestyle and therefore not for outsiders. But I do find it interesting to read and discuss these subjects with others.

Thank you for your interest,