In the world of Fantasy, anything is possible.

Serena Cornwall
3 min readApr 21, 2024

Writing Fantasy: Freedom and Creativity.

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“So, what have you done on the weekend?” A friendly woman asks me.

“Oh, nothing special. Taking care of the household and doing some writing.”

“Writing? Do you write? That’s amazing!”
She smiles, and we talk about my writing for a couple of minutes, which I hope will one day become a full-time job.

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I started writing before I could read. At age 6, I received my first diary, and I still have it. That book shows how my writing skills improved during the first two years.

In the beginning, there are more drawings than words. Mixed with stickers, of course. But then the words take on a more permanent part.

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That’s how it all started: with a diary. Then, it developed into short stories. I would send some of them to my favorite magazine.

I remember my excitement the first time they published one of my stories. It was a…