Simplicity is the Key to a good article

Serena Cornwall
3 min readAug 7, 2022

There is no secret to a successful article. But by keeping things simple, is a good start.

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Simplicity is the key to a good article

Every day I read Medium articles. There are times when I learn something new. While other times I am getting amused and sometimes I find something to laugh about. But then there are those articles that I click away, before finishing them.

The diversity of the articles being posted here is of endless supply and I love it.

Now and then I come across an article or more, viewing writing. And I am always open to learning new insights from those with more experience or less experienced, but with another way of looking at writing than me.

Today I came across this article: New to online Writing? Follow these 29 Rules, from Kjell Vandevyvere.

There are in my opinion few rules written in stone, regarding writing. Because the speaking language is frequently changing. And the barrier between the written language and the speaking language gets more grey every minute.

There are however a couple of points in Kjell Vandevyvere’s list that I would like to share.

For instance :
Number 15: Be specific.

Yes, please! Nothing kills my interest faster than when I read an article and ask myself halfway through it: “What is this about?”

When the header and the text have no connection at all, my interest is not there anymore.

Number 24: Write first, edit later.

This I had to learn the hard way. In the beginning of my Medium adventure, I barely dared to write anything. Because nothing I could come up with was in my eyes: good enough.

If I even bothered to write it down. Because the editing part started already in my mind. So when it came to writing it down, I had nothing to write.

Number 27: Learn from others. But don’t compare yourself to others.

This is easier said than done. I know. As I joined Medium, it felt like I had jumped into the sea and had to learn to swim. It takes time and effort to learn how things work around here.

I am going to write more about my experience with Medium in another article.

Out of all the Rules mentioned on the list, this is my favorite:
Number 28: Do not worry about being original: nothing is original.

Sad but true: Everything has been done once. On the one hand a bit sad, but on the other hand, it should take away the pressure of standing out in any other way than being yourself.

After all: there is no one else the same as you. So your way of approaching a subject is so much different from how someone else would.

When it comes down to it: Simplicity is the key to a good article.

Greetings Serena

Some of the info in the text is from: New to online Writing? Follow these 29 Rules, from Kjell Vandevyvere.