Small steps are still progress

No matter how big your steps are, they are still taking you forward.

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Small steps are still taking you forward.

In January, when everyone asked me about my New Year’s Eve resolution it made me think. Normally I do not come up with any and after a couple of years filled with tragedies, I did not dare to make any plans for this year.

Then this thought in the back of my mind reminded me about my book. And after some thinking, it did not sound like a bad idea. If there is anything that I would like to have accomplished this year, then it is to grow as a writer and also publish an ebook.

Now we have over half of the year behind us, and there is no book in sight. That of course brings me down a little and I have asked myself many times: Why am I not closer to succeeding in my goal?

Still, I do not regret it. I do not regret having a goal in mind. Just the thought of having a goal to work towards feels good. It is like having a purpose, outside daily life.

I wanted to grow in my writing and look at me now: I am writing something every day. I have since I started to write here on Medium, posted over 40 articles. And the end of the year is not in sight.

If I would compare the articles that I posted in the beginning of my Medium advernture, with those I have posted this month. It is a huge difference in the writing. I am developing. Growing.

I do not know if the book will make it on time but I do know that I have taken small steps in the right direction. And for me, every step counts.

Greetings Serena



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Serena Cornwall

Serena Cornwall

I am a mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt, and niece. I am a reader, writer, novelist, blogger, and more. I write/read Fantasy and occasionally other genres.