What is a Pantser?

Serena Cornwall
2 min readAug 28, 2022

I am a Pantser.

After reading: How to Generate story ideas, by Julia Amante. I realized that I am a Pantser.

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A Pantser is someone who writes without an outline.

Some writers write down the outlines of a story, before starting to write the story. Or idea.

I write and let the story, the project, take on a life of its own.

When I start writing my stories I barely know anything about the main character.

Just like the reader, who gets to know the characters little by little, as the story is unfolding. I get to know them as well. With every word I am adding to the story.

The same goes when I write about a subject, or anything. Mostly when I look at my writing tool at the time. I just sit there and wait. Before something enters my mind, and then I write.

What is now better: writing with an outline or being an Pantser?

I do not know.

For me, writing is a bit like sitting on a rollercoaster. Not knowing what will happen next.

Which makes it exciting and keeps me going. The coins is that my mind is working faster than I write.

So while I am busy writing one story, my mind has already finished it and moved on to the next one. Leaving me wondering where did I go?

So I can easily sit with many stories in the air, at the same time. That is me, and I would not want to have it any other way.

In Julia’s article, one of the points she is mentioning is the “What if game?” I love that game! You can take a story, an article, a tv show, etc. Anything! And ask yourself: What if he had not done this or if she had jumped into the water, instead of just passing by? Then what? Small actions or lack of them, can turn the story in a very different direction.

An intersting subject. I am sure I will write more about in a different post one day.

I find it exciting when my imagination moves so fast, that I barely can keep up with it. That is when I pik up my writing tool and can find myself writing for hours!

Or atleast until the kids get hungry.

The article mentioned is from Julia Amante and can be found here.